Through this process of Blogger Bash, a conference that I am coproducing next week - I've gotten to meet some really amazing brands along the way.  One just so happens to be in my own town!  Boiron has been a staple in my life for years.  I remember being introduced to them when I was told to pick up Arnica Montana to help out with the aches and pains from a procedure I had to get done.  Then I knew this brand was totally legit!  TOTALLY awesome!

Boiron is of course a France based company but Newtown Square, PA is their US based office & I got the chance to check out their facility!  I got to actually go inside their pharmacy lab and really see how this product was made.  I have a great video I'm going to share with you later this summer in regards to that fun experience - but in the meantime - I got the chance to send some of my mom friends Calendula to try out!  And needless to say - THEY LOVED IT!