As a mom, there are often times I find myself wondering 'What did they do when they had kids' talking about my own parents.  Or even, 'We didn't have that when I was a kid!'  One that sticks out the most was when I was a new mom for the first time with Boston and it was before I got the opportunity to review amazing baby products with this blog.  So, here I was - pregnant and had no clue on what kind of car seat to get.  All I knew was that they were EXPENSIVE!  And the more expensive they were - they safer they were was my key thinking.  Pretty logical, right?  I remember my mom saying that when she had kids there wasn't any child restraints. 

Fast forward to today - and they are in lockdown in the back seat.  It's not perfect but there really are some amazing changes in modern technology that has afforded me some amazing car seats.  Not to mention, I live in the US where it's ILLEGAL to not put your kids in one.  Even then, statistics show that more than 500 kids die a DAY in traffic accidents.  That's over 180,000 kids a year.  That's just TOO MUCH!  

In the United States we keep taking proper measures to ensure safety of our kids.  But not every country has the standards we have (that even then aren't 100% perfected.)  The UN Global Road Safety Week is coming up and lawmakers are getting together with hopes of making road safety better for kids globally.  Road traffic injuries are the leading cause of children ages 5-19.  You know what that tells me?  One, it's not the ones that are strapped in tight (babies, toddlers) - it's the kids that grow out of their seats that are in harms way.  Hmmmm.  

Do you know what percent of the world's population is covered by adequate laws that address behavioral risk factors?  ONLY 7%.  We're talking safety belts, child restraints, driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, driving too fast, using cell phones & texting while driving. 

ONLY 7%!!

The only way we can change in the world is by taking action.  So this is definitely a great beginning in awareness of road safety with kids.  I encourage you to sit down with your own kids and talk about safety.  Sign the petition because we all know it's not the kids who are held responsible - it's the parents.  Educate your families on ways to be safe.  Create incentives for your kids to offer to YOU when they catch you on your cell phone!!  I know, I literally have countless times done that.  It makes me so mad at myself.  My brain is in another world and I'm texting with my kids in the car.  NOT ACCEPTABLE.  EVEN WHEN MY KIDS AREN'T IN THE CAR BECAUSE THERE ARE PEOPLE AROUND ME!!  It's something I'm trying to really focus on.  I got lazy over the past few years.  And being apart of this campaign has reminded me that there is no excuse.  It can all wait.  

Sign the petition yourself with your kids. Download and print out their safety sheet and take a "SAFIE" (selfie) with your kids and share on social media with the tag #SaveKidsLives.  Visit the Scholastic site with info for parents on how we can make a difference. 




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