When Hudson was born 2 years ago one of the things that I wanted to do BETTER the 2nd time around was be more informed on my buying choices.  With Boston, I see now where the issues are developing from me not taking control of his eating situation. Or any situation where I am an educated consumer and fed him the RIGHT choices. 

It's tough.  You want your kids and family to BE healthy.  You want to know that you're doing the very best you possibly can to MAKE THEM EAT HEALTHY.  And then you find out that there is crap in your kids food that they use to make motor oil and you freak. 

At least I did.  

I got more interested in what I was feeding my kids and realized there was nothing on the market that is a non GMO baby food.  Yeah, yeah. I get it 'breast is best'.  But you are free to search my site and you'll see that my breast are crap.  My babies would have never survived if I did that. 

And frankly, I was medicated for PPD so they didn't want or would I allow them to have what I was having.  And I'm 100% ok with that!  I love my babies.  I'd do anything for them and that includes keeping my mind in good order to enjoy the moments with them along the way. 

Whoa. I'm getting WAY too deep with you about my motherhood policies, I guess.  But what mother wouldn't want their kids to get their very best in life?  Jessica Alba sure did.  I'd go on a limb to say that's why she teamed up with Honest Company. Co-founded more like it.  She found her daughter eating her DIAPER and couldn't figure out what the ingredients were and if they were toxic. 

So awesome that a woman like her had the resources and opportunity to MAKE A CHANGE in our household like millions of others.  We're officially obsessed and proud spenders at Honest.com.  Yes, I am teamed up with Honest Company to share their new NON TOXIC - NON GMO feeding lines - but it's a no brainer for me to share when we live the HONEST life. 

So yes!  Thats the fun of Honest lately!  They have a gorgeous feeding line out that is changing the way parents are feeding their children.  The only bummer is that I only wish they had this when my son was a baby because I couldn't find any non GMO formula!  Thankfully you have that option if you're a new mom. 

The #HonestFeeding has many products to make baby dining easier.  From Lactation Plus to Nursing Pillows and ORGANIC FORMULA.  Honest will offer options for moms who choose to breastfeed, formula feed or both!

What is your favorite product from the Honest Company? ME?  I LOVE their fruit and veggie wash. MMMMmmm!



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