Ever struggled to get your kids to understand the importance of oral health? You aren't alone! More than 1 in 4 (28%!) parents report that their child frequently forgets to brush their teeth. On top of that, 1 in 4 parents say that even getting their kids to brush their teeth regularly can be difficult!  And I can completely relish in the motherly bathroom drama that happens with bedtime.  BRUTAL!

Scholastic has come along to offer some great help in making one of the toughest jobs that much easier!  Scholastic has partnered with the Advertising Council to create lesson plans and activities for kids to help! The lessons teach oral health through science, math, and even poetry to establish great habits for oral health! You can go Scholastic.com/HealthyTeeth to find out more. On the site, you'll find a poster, oral health tips (in English AND Spanish!) and an oral health booklist. The campaign has a goal for parents to help get their kids to brush their teeth for 2 minutes twice a day! Brushing twice a day helps prevent oral diseases and by using the site, you can make it fun for the kids!

It doesn't stop there. Teachers can get involved too with this scholastic.com/2min2x! Sometimes it takes an army, and oral health is all about education and action!!

In addition to the websites, there is also a fun new app called Toothsavers.  The app encourages kids to take charge of their oral health twice a day by helping rescue fairytale characters from a cavity-creating sorceress. It's got a super cute, kid-friendly design. The game includes three features to help kids learn the importance of teeth brushing: a game that allows your child to be the hero, a two-player version of the game where you can "brush" teeth when the phone is held up to the mouth, and a real life tooth brushing companion! The companion features twice a day reminders and helps with progress tracking.

With tooth decay being the most common chronic childhood disease in the U.S., it's important to get kids involved in their oral health care, and Scholastic has created a great way to do that! Poor oral health can impact learning abilities, self-esteem, and the way your child speaks - so make oral health a priority in your house by using the 2 Min 2X day program and app on Scholastic.com/healthyteeth! It's better to be proactive and get ahead of the game by taking care of dental health than paying for it later with painful cavities, and more! Take advantage of this great program and flash your healthy smile because you know you're helping your child in so more ways than one by making oral health a priority.  (And tweet me about your #RealMomProblems with bedtime routines in your house!)

When it comes to oral health, I can honestly tell you that in my family the decay is an epidemic.  So obviously my boys have history stacked against them.  My dad and his family struggled with bad oral health his entire life, I had it and now my oldest had it.  Yeah.  SEVEN CAVITIES.  That poor kid ended up taking a nice long nap this past summer while they fixed those babies.  With that strike against us, we have to get our kids to brush their teeth even better than the average kid.  The app is really an awesome tool in our house too.  Listen, I’m game to make anything a game if it works and my kids’ do it! haha


What are your bathroom brushing tips and tricks?

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