I know that you think I'm kinda cool.  Fun.  AND I MAY **LOOK** put together from the outside?  But my life is the definition of chaos.  For YEARS - chaos fueled me.  I loved running 1,000 miles an hour and digging into unique ways to kick off the new year. 

This year?  I am sooo tired. SOOO tired. Did I mention tired?  Yes.  I am. 

And as I get older worker harder is not something I think my mind and body will be able to officially handle!  So, my job is to help you have a more normal life.  Ready?


7 Great Products to Organize Your Family

BREAD TIES FOR WIRES - YES!  Those bread ties that end up all over your house?  Use them to LABEL your cords! 

WIRE BASKETS FOR STUFF - Of course those wire baskets are great for your bananas, but how about containing things in your life that makes you go bananas when you can't find it!

PAINTED KEYS - The WORST is not knowing which key is which!  Paint them with different finger nail polish colors to keep track of them!

PLASTIC BAG DISPENSER - This is BRILLIANT!  I actually started making one but haven't gotten it finished yet.  But check out where I got the idea here!  Take a disinfectant container, clean it out, roll up your grocery bags, decoracte container and put the tip of the bags out the top!

SHOPPING BAG PRETTY STORAGE - In my effort this past weekend to purge my crazy life - I found Tiffany Bags empty and lonely!  We used the boxes as small containers and the bags I put on the wall to put pencils in! 

PVC PIPES - Those pesky bathroom products need a home!  PVC pipes are great for containing them so they don't end up all over the counters!

MAGNETIC STRIP ORGANIZER - Instead of posting your knives on them - use them for hair pins!  For clippers and other pieces that get easily lost in the bathroom!