Why yes, my favorite time of year for sure!  I get to play on tv with the coolest mom in PHILLY!!  ha.  Jennaphr Frederick and I met WHILE DOING THESE SEGMENTS.  I pitched her years ago for a holiday segment - she liked me and gave me a shot and now I stalk her like this insane toy lady!!  I mean, I am a toy hoarder.  Sort of.  Well, just because it's my JOB.  Ahem.  I've gotten better, ok? hahaha.  But my GARAGE?  Dude.  I can't even tell you what my neighbors think of my product problem.  You see, have you SEEN the Real Mom Gift Guide? 

Honestly, I like to think I'm a PRODUCT PRINCESS and not a toy hoarder. I That baby called a gift guide takes some serious product reviews to pump out.  And not everything gets out here in my social universe either!  So yes, Jenn has seen my garage.  


Ha.  I joke cause she's the best.  The best EVER in Philly.  Not because she puts me on tv, but because she gets me!  Oh the conversations we've had.  And one of them was me talking her OFF the idea of allowing Santa to give her son a self balancing scooter for the holidays.  True story.  Those things really weren't winning with me.  But then I learned of Glitek (the brand I endorse in the gift guide this year) & Razor (the brand I've endorsed for the past 5 years).  The ONLY two brands I endorse for this crazy scooter craze this season. Period.  And neither of them are paying me to say that either! #NotSponsored.  So, truth be told - I wasn't sold on them for kids with all these scary stories out there from them burning down homes and awful stuff like that!  I talked all my friends down from getting one for their kids and now I sort of change my opinion on them.  Sorry Sandy! haha.  (My friend Sandy - her daughter wants one BAD. I talked out her of it.  SORRY ALLIE!!)

So, first watch this AMAZING story she did with Tony from Glitek & why the batteries need to be a SPECIFIC kind of battery before you buy.  

And then check out the hot holiday toys for the BIGGER girls & boys!  And note:  Boston my dear son who I love - THIS IS WHY YOU DON'T MESS WITH MY TOYS DUDE! ha.  Love my kids, but man alive - if you knew the struggles with having all these samples in my home.  It's a REALLY hot toy when MY kids fight for it.  OR - It's a REALLY REALLY hot toy when Joey comes on Fox 29 and it DOESN'T WORK cause the KIDS ate the ingredients white testing or the dang batteries are dead!  #RealMomProblems for sure!