This past weekend I totally had a blast learning about what Chicago Toy & Game Fair was all about.  My friend Cindy Simmons joined me as we hit up the floor to PLAY PLAY PLAY!  

You can see all the Chitag videos here. But everyone asks me about the event and I have a hard time really describing it.  But if you've ever been to Toy Fair in NYC it's about 1/10th of that plus kids, consumers & lots of PLAYFUL fun!

Games are biggies in our house and we have about 20 deck of cards.  But when I saw the TAGIE AWARDS with these cards on the table, I knew there was something totally fun about them so I grabbed one and put it in my purse.  Then today when I was going through all my laundry and luggage I decided to see what was in that box.  SO COOL!  It's a card of actual inventors.  

From the inventor of Rainbow Loom to the inventor of the Crazy Kart - here are Five Things I Learned at Chitag: