Well hello there, friends. 

I know.  You probably thought that I'd been hiding under a rock. 

Actually, I have really been all over the place BUT on this here blog the past few weeks!  Lots of things that I am dying to share that is embargoed...and that is TOUGH for someone who hardly SPEAKS a thing - but lives loudly through her fingertips!  Ahhhhh.  Instagram, Twitter, YouTube & PERISCOPE is where you'll find me more lately.  The world of microblogging, I suppose.  And I guess I should mention my facebook PAGE. 

Truth be told... I've kind of been on 'holiday' if you will! Ha.  Work at Home Mom life.  The distractions are endless!  But one thing is for sure in my house that you can't miss.. that's the TOYS.  I have some great stuff that I got from #JBFPhilly a few weeks ago AND... THE HOLIDAY SEASON IS AMONG US! I know, I know.  That's insane.  It's barely October.  But Christmas in July is a REAL thing in toy world!  I've been getting pitches since May!!  

Of course our Holiday Gift Guide will be coming out in the next few weeks and we're having a monster of a giveaway so be sure to swing back by for that.  But in true toy fashion - I get to PLAY this HOLIDAY!!!  I am so over the moon to be working with Chicago Toy and Game Fair in November.  It really is a merging of the best of all worlds for me.  

Many of the brands you see me sing the praises of are going to be there and what I absolutely LOVE about this particular event is the really awesome Young Inventor Contest.  BRILLIANT, right? I gotta tell ya.  My nephew Tyler is 100% who should be in this contest.  Tyler created WORKING objects from LEGO's!  The last time I was there he showed me his CRANE GAME!  Can you believe that?  

Get ready for an insane influx of toy awesome as my dear friend Cindy Simmons from Surviving Mommy & I share our love of play & time at Chitag Fair!

Oh - and how about that Young Inventors Challenge!  Get going cause the deadline is November 1st!!