I'm sitting in the waiting room.  The BIG family waiting area at Abington Hospital waiting for my 6 year old super star to come out of surgery.

Oral Surgery. 

Yes.  You probably have heard me OFTEN talk about his dental issues on facebook or twitter.  And today I went to Instagram sharing shots of my little dude. 

I can't believe this has been something we've been struggling with for TWO YEARS now.  The first time we visited the dentist even a big green monster couldn't help Boston. 

I seriously can't stand it. 

There is a major part of me that is SO MAD at myself for passing those genetics along to him.  And then the other part of me is angry that I waited till that kid was 4 to visit the dentist for the first time.  And by then - it was a disaster. 

He would never sit still for any of the dentists.  They tried everything from laughing gas, to 'happy juice'.  Ugh.  He's petrified.  And I feel like it's all my fault. 

There are a few things in my life that I'm not proud of.  And my horrific fear & experiences with dentistry is one of them.  

He is so tough.  So strong.  So special. So full of strength that I can't even imagine if either of my kids ever had a life threatening disease.  I sit here worrying about his ultimate outcome.  And I look around the room.  So many older adults playing on their smartphones.  Watching their faces as they pluck their fingers around their tiny screens. 

Then I see moms.  And families.  And I can't help but wonder what they're doing here.  I can't even imagine if I had to sit here while a child of mine was going through something so much bigger than having a tooth pulled.  


Yes.  He's having three teeth removed. 

My poor little dude.