Hersheypark Review #HersheyPa

I'm still on a cloud of the pure awesome that my family and I experiences in Hershey, Pa right before 4th of July.  

Can I just tell you how disappointed I am thinking that was a MONTH ago?  Yeah. I have no clue where life too off to - but man alive. That was brutal!!!  So much going on in July and now that the summer is coming up to an end I'm still trying to figure out what to do to grab the last little bit of summer and shove it in my pocket to save till the cold comes by!!

As you know, Hershey, Pa was an amazing trip for me.  We did so many things that I had no clue was apart of the land of chocolate!  I mean, we've been coming here for a few years with Chevy and this year my eyes were opened to the awesome of what is known as Hotel Hershey. 

I truly have a hard time 'shutting down' when I go on trips or vacations.  Mainly because all the trips I go on are work trips where I have to be socially involved in everything I say or do.  I'm definitely not complaining - but definitely explaining! 

This past spring I was invited to a Mom Mixer with my friends Colleen & Whitney and their awesome, stylish sites.  They happened to have a table with some amazing people from Hershey, PA there.  The small world we live in for sure - because I happened upon a woman who actually said she knew me!  Turns out she was a former business partner's cousin!!  Wild, right?  LOVE my former partner (you may remember her, Tara from Baby Momma Blog and cohost of Moms On The Spot.)  But it was Tara's cousin I met!  It was like meeting a long lost friend of my own!  So instantly - they had me even before they popped chocolate in my mouth! ha

So, I was asked a few weeks later if I wanted to be a Hershey, Pa Ambassador.  I of course was delighted to get to know more about that great place outside of what I learned by just visiting - the chocolate and sports history!

So, one of the places we got to visit was Hersheypark!  

Now, this was probably my 5th visit to Hersheypark over the years.  But it was the most unique in that I was traveling with a big kid who could enjoy rides and also a small kid who couldn't enjoy rides. 

AND - it was the ABSOLUTE hottest of day of the year too!  We piled into the very convenient shuttle bus and hit the park.  The first thing we noticed was that the beginning of the park was very empty!  And then we realized - as the hottest day of the year - everyone is going to be on the Boardwalk!  We also learned it's smart to be prepared for toddler insanity!  

Long story short - we ended up not being able to stick it out too long.  I was pretty bummed and so was Boston - but we knew the heat was just too much for baby Hudson.  So, Boston & my husband dropped a stupid amount of money played some games in the carnival rooms and we headed out for the day.  

Hershey Park really has some amazing qualities about it that I really didn't know would be so helpful. 

Want to hear some great tips we picked up from along the way?


-- Stop by the main booth when you first get into the park and get a bracelet for your kids that you can write a phone number on it in case you get seperated!  It happens.  SCARY as all get out - but it can happen to anyone. 

-- Don't go on a Friday or Saturday. Those are the craziest days at the park.  Tuesday-Thursday is the lighter days!

-- Download the Hersheypark App

-- But don't use it ONLY - use the paper map too!!  (The app drains your phone juice and if you have kids - you might need that juice to occupy them at lunch somewhere.)

-- Stay at one of the affiliated hotels!!  They have (Hotel Hershey did for sure) special hours where guests can go in before the general admission!  

-- Nursing or have one still in need of cold milk?  Ask for a fridge at the hotels!  Neither Hershey Lodge or Hotel Hershey have fridges.  But they will provide one if you need one. 

-- Staying at the hotels?  Take their transportation to save money!  We did that both times and it worked out great!  Even carrying the baby - having that saved money on parking and event just easier to get around.  VERY worth it!

-- Don't pay full price for tickets!  Seriously!  You can get discounts almost anywhere in the Hershey area.  Save those extra bucks to run over to Chocolate World and get theri peanut butter milkshake!!  To.Die.For.

-- Bring bathing suits!  Don't forget all the pool necessities as well.  Swim Diapers? Check. Sunscreen? Check.  Towels?  Check. 

-- Don't forget Zoo America!  It's an awesome little hidden gem off the beaten path of the park and it is included in your park admission!

-- Planning on attending on a MEGA hot day and want to stay and play ALL day?  Rent a CABANA!!  It's seriously worth it in the end!!  It's about $250-$275 and you get beach towel, sunscreen, 12 water bottles, walk up to the food service all day, free fountain soda, free locker!  Yes - that is pricey - but might save your sanity at the end of the day!!

-- Purchase Hersheypark meal tickets to save 25% on your food.

-- You are ONLY allowed to bring in ONE water bottle per person.  Good news is that they give out FREE cups of water anytime of the day!

Hello, World!