As of this posting, there are 147 days until Christmas.

Activate panic mode!

Okay, maybe not so much, but I am totally excited about Christmas this year. Because for the second time, I was given a sneak peak at all the hottest toys this season! Thanks to my co-hosts Charlene and Laurie, we broughtSweet Suite to the inaugural edition of Blogger Bash. Hundreds of bloggers were invited to play and chat with 51 of the hottest toy companies and their latest offerings.

Can you say 'ultimate sensory overload'? Willy Wonka's candy factory has nothing on Sweet Suite! And the best part is that I don't have to share any of these toys with my boys...yet.

I am always blown away by what the Big Toy Book offers at Sweet Suite and this year was no exception. So much creativity and fun with the kids and parents in mind! The evening started out with a Badge Creation Station where attendees got to show off their creativity and personalities by crafting their own name badge.

A variety of best and newest #Crayola products were on hand to inspire blogger creativity.

As we made our way into Sweet Suite, we were entertained by the amazing talent of the Kidz Bop kids. 

Don't let the word 'kids' fool you. Each of these tiny teens have powerhouse voices that will rival even the most seasoned pop star. Better yet - you can enjoy their music with your children without having to leap for the volume to avoid inappropriate lyrics. Who's up for some car karaoke?

Is your kid into gadgets? There's no shortage of high-tech fun this year. From devices that encourage learning, and movement, to play that will inspire the future engineers and scientists of the world....

CONSTRUCTION was another hot topic at Sweet Suite this year!  We are all about unplugged play in our house. 

More UNPLUGGED play!  Dolls, sand & more creativity!

Artistic kids in the house?


Can't forget the GET OUTDOORS and PLAY ideas!

Thank you to all of our amazing sponsors. We can't wait to bring Sweet Suite back to Blogger Bash next year! I hope you'll join us for all the fun!