NIKE_ELITE_ BacktoSchool.png

Hold up - you mean to tell me that my kid wants THOSE socks??

What's the deal with that? 

Yup.  The socks that he is obsessed with, courtesy of my dear and darling neighbors are the Nike Elite socks that cost about $20 a pair in stores. 

Rediculous right?  I totally agree.  But after hours of arguing over him wearing the SAME SOCKS EVERYDAY, I think I finally got some sense into him.  Now that he has 4 more pairs. 

Sigh.  What do you do?  Gotta pick your battles, ya know?


*KORUS- We are rocking with Korus!  Love this product!  The baton attaches to your devices and you can jam all out around the house!  Personally?  This bad boy will be waking my kid UP for school everyday!  

*LITTLE SCHOLAR LEARNING ADVENTURE BY SCHOOL ZONE - School Zone is a household name for education for over 35 years.  With this tablet you get over 150 preloaded apps, videos, books, songs & games. They back their brand totally with their 100% money back guarantee!

*MOJO BACKPACK -  If you're kid is cool and can't get enough of a dance tune-turn it up with the mojo backpack!  

*ORIG AUDIO - Made out of 70% post consumer recycled material.  And yes, even though Time Magazine named them one of the 50 Best Inventions of 2009 - it's JUST making its way in our house!  Why?  Cause I saw it on Shark Tank, of course!  For $16 you get two, fully foldable speakers.