Today was another great day of Back to School with Jennaphr Frederick on Fox 29!

We talked COLLEGE today!  

After hitting up the beautiful Cabrini College we hit up the hottest gifts you can send your college kid of to school with!


*Keurig Mini - College Edition  Awesome, I know.  EVERY coffee drinker knows all about Keurig!

*FRESHeTECH Speaker Systems - In the shower or connected to your bike - be jammin' in style with these great and VERY durable speaker systems!  From the Splash Shower Tunes to the All Terrain - you can slather them with mud or soap! Fun, huh?

*iWerkz Universal Portable Foldable Bluetooth Keyboard - This thing is a lifesaver!  It's small, portable & can go anywhere!  Plus, 44 hours of charge time on this bad boy.  Get it at QVC for about $40!

*Power Wallet 3000 mAh Wallet with Built-In Charger for Cell Phones - This thing is a game changer for me.  It's not in the segment - but be ready for a fab review soon!      

Kodak PIXPRO MP 16 SL10 Smart Lens Camera - HELLO awesome gadgets for your iphone, Kodak!  You put this amazing lens on your iphone and rock some gorgeous images & video.  It works on Android devices as well.  Connected all through Wifi!

So much more from Radio Shack to come for Holiday... come back would ya?  =)