How dreadful is it that we're already thinking about back to school!  YUCK!!  Where did the summer go???  I'm so bummed by it.  I think because the winter was so absolutely BRUTAL that it just isn't something I have any interest in hopping right back into, ya know? 

Well - I do have one thing to admit - even though I'm saddened by summer being over - I can't wait for back to school! ha  Not necessarily because I want my kid to hit first grade, but because there are some seriously awesome products out there and who doesn't love school supplies?  I was obsessed with them as a kid (remember those retractable pencils?  LOVED!)  And as an adult they are mega fun too!

This week, I have the honor and privilege to hang out with my awesome friend Jennaphr Frederick on Fox 29 in Philly!  I love this mom.  She's so stinkin' fun.  That show really does an amazing job of taking out the drab of typical news stations and putting some fun back into mornings locally!

The Real Mom Back to School Guide is coming out tomorrow PLUS I'll be on with Jenn (AT MY HOUSE, might I add. YUCK!  It's a DISASTER - but I DIGRESS.  I'm a 'real mom' I suppose lol.)

7:40a - Great Back to School Gadgets for All Ages

8:40a - Getting Organized for Back to School

9:40a - Real Moms Back to School Battle

Um. Can I tell you how excited about the last segment I am? hahahah  Three of my amazing mom blogging friends; Steph Glover from A Grande Life & my personal production director, Steph Anderson from Modern Day Donna Reed who helps us with product reviews & Devon Weaver from Mama Cheaps who is an all around funny and awesome mom are coming over for a MOMMY-PLAY-DATE. 

Join us tomorrow morning as these crazy ladies take on the challenge to see who can get their kid out the door to school the fastest!

And then return back here for a HUGE giveaway & our awesome Real Mom Back to School Guide that Steph G. rocked that I can't wait to share with you!


Wow.  That was soooooo exhausting!  I swear, after this morning - then getting my crazy son off to camp I was totally wrapped up in sitting on the couch and taking a huge breath. Parenting is hard, right?  

Well, check out my amazing friends as they put their motherhood where their mouth is!