Fun Finds for Father's Day on Fox 29

I love my life. 

Especially when I have an ENTIRE garage filled with weirdness that make great gifts for Dad's! ha

I always say it's so much more fun gifting from the heart.  But if you can't be filled with crafty-then go for the crazy, right?  ha.  My very fabulous friendJennaphr Frederick atFox 29 invited me in to do some Father's Day fun this morning.  She wanted me to bring in some gift ideas from the kids - and also some from the wife. 

This first one if from WIFEY'S:

*CRAFTING!!  So easy. Buy thick frames from Michael's or IKEA and get your craft on!  I also have these fun printables that you might want to use or heck, go make your own at Canva or PicMonkey!

*GADGETS!!  Why get dad a tie or a shirt? Come on.  Get him GADGETS!  The Octopus (or Shower Squid) is a good way to get Dad to put his products away.  Does he like to Fish?  Or Camp?  Get him the Reel Roaster by Hog Wild!  Or the awesome slushy maker by Chill Factor!  And of course there isn't a party without a mess.  Grab the SPATTTER from SpinMaster!  ((Check out Part 2!!))