Why yes.  

My absolutely FAVORITE day of the year is right around the corner.  

And if my husband is anything like me - he hasn't even thought about it. 

And I forgive him.  I really do.  Because in reality - it's not about him giving me something for Mother's Day.  It's about our 2 little humans kicking it up a notch.

Mother's Day is my fave day of the year because it's bigger than my birthday.  I mean, technically - I find it WAY more important than my birthday.  I asked some of my girlfriends and they totally feel the same way.  The ones who are mothers of course.  

I really look at the 'before and after' of mother's day.  And I often wonder what I was really missing before motherhood.  Even though the first year of this transition absolutely bit the big one....I've come out strong.  And loving this mom thing from top to bottom. 

So... for the hubby's who have no idea what to get their wives. Or if you're older and you're smart enough to buy something for your mom... here are a few suggestions I have for you. 

Top 5 Ideas for Last Minute Mother's Day

DSP Skincare (Doctors Skin Prescription):  Um. YEAH.  I often get beauty products to test out and try.  Unfortunately for me - I have bad sensitive skin.  BUT, not with this!!  This fabulous concoction of awesomeness isn't cheap - but HIGHLY recommended for mamas pampering package you give!  It comes in 3 different categories of PREP, TREAT & PROTECT.  Each category has a zillion different types of products to go with.  I suggest checking out their website - buying MOM a giftcard and let her do the shopping.  Cause one thing that is always hard - is when you buy an expensive gift and we never get to use it.  This is something she needs to pick out and only she knows her skin the best.  From facewash to microderms to exfoliating - most men have NO idea what that means. hahaha So, either reach out to the company, or buy MOM a gift card!!  ((My personal fave is the Vitamin C & Peptide Skin Mist..mmmmm.))

Peer-a-mid Book Rest:  Ya know.  I know it was ONLY a matter of time before someone got smart and made one of these.  I mean seriously.... I have iPad wrist at night!!  This thing is a gem for when you are just laying in bed reading your trash novel or surfing facebook.  Like them on Facebook & visit their website.  Fun idea for sure. (They cost about $35)

Tommy-Hilfiger Baby Onesies:  Yeah.  I really don't have much to say about these other than Hudson is the CUTEST freaking kid on the planet when he wears them!!  I was at a Mom Mixer put on by my friends from Classy Mommy & Mommies With Style and they introduced me to these!  I had NO IDEA that Tommy made baby clothes!  I do know, that's for sure!

Cloud b Mommy's Dream Gift Set:  I LOVE Cloud b for babies - and now something as soft and awesome for mom!  This Dream Gift Set comes with a yummy cotton robe & a calming lavender-scented eye mask.  I love that they added a little journal to go with it.  Soooo sweet.  Great for new moms!!


CREATIVE time with Mom!!  So, ALEX TOYS has an amazing array of products but they sent me some 'make with mom' product ideas that I just love.  I've always said the best gifts are the ones that are homemade!

GIANT PAPER FLOWERS IN A VASE:  Duh.  That simple, right?  AND they won't die!  Love this. 

40 TRICK MAGIC SHOW KIT:  How much more fun can you be than putting on a MAGIC show for the family entertainment on Mother's Day!!  LOVE this.

MY CHOCOLATE SHOP:  Um. HELLO?!?!!  Moms.LOVE.Chocolate.  There really isn't much to say there.  SKIP the flowers and MAKE us chocolate!


Ok.. What did you get?  Nothing yet?  FESS UP!  lol

Happy Mom's day to all my friends.. xoxo