LEGOLAND Florida; Fortman Family Favorite

This spring has flown so quickly running from one minute to the next with a crazy infant - turned toddler - and a nearly 6 year old going on 20!

Not long ago I had the opportunity to take my family on a trip to VISIT ORLANDO.  And that we did!

You may remember my crazy instagram & twitter stream sharing the fun we had while staying at Nickelodeon Hotel and visiting so many theme parks that Orlando had to offer.  

We are a Disney family - and had never been anywhere else in Florida outside of Disney Parks so when I was invited to take on Disney, LEGOLAND, Sea World AND Universal?  I was ready for the test!

We arrived completely pumped to get the fun rolling so we hit up LEGOLAND as the first theme park on the list.  I had been dying to visit this park with my 6 year old as Lego's have become a staple in our house.  Something that my son and I have done together!  He'd get a LEGO and I'd have to put that dang thing together.  

Yeah.  I was the LEGO Master in my house.  

But not anymore!

He's getting into it and really starting to do amazing things with it!

Top 5 Faves of LEGOLAND, Florida:


1) Hands down, my #1 is the Miniland!!  This is the coolest thing EVER!  An entire LAND build out of LEGO's.  Seriously!  From Cities to Pirates & Star Wars - it's like walking onto a tiny world.

2) LEGO City - The Ford Driving School had me laughing hysterically. SERIOUSLY! ha  To see these kids drive and try to follow the driving directions? Classic.  Until they bump the cars in front of them.

3)  The Quest for Chi in the World of Chima - Now, Chima isn't a big LEGO set in our house.  In fact, I'm not sure that my kid even knows what it is all about.  One thing about this new attraction to LEGOLAND is the ride.  I actually had the baby but my husband took Boston and we watched from the side.  There is some fun water type guns that you can shoot back and forth.  And yes, they got MEGA wet!

4) Pirates Cove - This was awesome!  A real pirates ship sits on the water.  What we loved about it was the show. Very talented water skiiers shared their talents with park guests... I can't even honestly explain it!  They'd do crazy stunts with people on shoulders, skiing with only one ski - and then the skis being shot onto the shore!  Check out my YouTube page where I share all the fun from Legoland.

5) The BEST part of the entire park?  There were no crowds!!!  Yes.  I know.  Legoland wants to have lots of guests, I'm sure as they need the traffic - but as a guest?  It was amazing to visit a fun new game or experience and NOT have to wait in an hour long line!


We would DEFINITELY come back to LEGOLAND in Florida and California.

If you're heading to Orlando, I found the book 'The Kids Guide to Orlando' that you have to pick up!  Some really great tips and tricks to hit up the parks in style!

Happy Traveling!


This is in conjunction to an amazing media trip I was given to take me and my family to Orlando, Florida to 'Visit Orlando' in ways that have never been before!