If you've been following me and my blog/online rantics for a while - you are well aware of my LOVE of this company!!  
I love it for so many reasons - but the biggest of all is that it helps parents SAVE MONEY!!  

Three Items New Moms Can Buy Used

I'll admit.  I was the typical 'consignment-no-way-snob'.  I would have NEVER thought of buying my kid something USED?  Ew!!!  Now that I've been to a Just Between Friends sale - I'm forever addicted.  For-Ev-ER!!
These items are inspected, sanitized, cleaned - well loved - and ready for a new home!!
What are THREE B's that EVERY new mom needs to buy GENTLY USED?
Check out what my fab tv friend Jennaphr Frederick & I chatted about here!
Just Between Friends Sale going on at Oaks Convention Center NOW till Sunday!