Spring Into Fashion - KIDS


Yes, of course you know by now I am the FARTHEST from being a 'fashionista' for myself.  I mean, I definitely try to look nice when I need to.  But then I also end up spending all my time shopping for my kids!!!

My oldest was the luckiest kid in the world with the hand me downs from great neighbors on my block.  But the baby has kind gotten the 'shopping shaft' if you will. 

Easter and springtime is always a great time to not only purge the crazy that you have going on in your house - but also to update for the great things that come for the summer and spring!

A friend from high school sent me a message a few months back about her new business with a company called Bashful Bliss.  I had actually never heard of the company before and totally checked it out.  I love these start up companies with entrepeneurial women in charge!  Bashful Bliss is a woman based business with the main goal of getting the simple message out that it's the little things in life where bliss is found.  Kim, my high school friend, gave me the details about the company and offered to send us something for Hudson.  Now, mind you - I get things sent to me often with this ye'old blog & often I turn the items down.  But she's the excepting as a high school friend.  Plus, at the time - I had plenty of time for reviews!

So, She sent me an adorable necklace and a super cute onesie for Hudson that has his name on it.

Another great place to kick spring into high gear is One Step Ahead.  I love this store for sooo many reasons.  From toys to toddler to taking the family to the shore - they have it and so much more!  One Step Ahead has this fabulous & unique line for kids to fight that dreaded sun burn!  Their Sun Smarties collection is great at reflecting that insae sunshine that pelts at your kids in the summertime!  They sent me the Sun Smarties Kids coverup and now also Sun Smarties Swim Trunks.  All UVA fighting materials that are soft, washable and what we need most as a mom - DURABLE!

Both are great lines to put your kids into their cutest self!



I was sent these products for review - but all opinoins are my own.