Kissimmee, Florida
Living the Dream


Many people have been asking me about my trip to Kissimmee that I went on a couple weeks ago. 

I've been DYING to sit down and really share with you what I did...where I went...all of the insanity that happened over a four day period!

There is soooo much to share - so I'm going to share with you all the awesomeness to be had over 2 parts.  

The first part will be the 'thrill-seeking' Joey side of my trip.  


Kissimmee and that part of Florida isn't just about snow birds or theme parks!  

One of my biggest goals this past year was to explore more - continue to add to my life experience bucket lists.  I feel like there are often times that things come into a persons life for a reason.  And for whatever reason that may be - then you have got to totally embrace the opportunities.  Try new things.  


The 2nd part will come at a later time and it will be the dining/lodging & shopping part of my trip.  The relaxed, laid back part where I was spoiled rotten!  So many things to do and so little time!  But this mama kicked it into HIGH GEAR and cranked out more events that on any trip I've ever been on.  

Let's get the most important info out of the way before I share with you my death defining experiences.  You know, cause I KNOW you are DYING to hear all about them! hahaha

So, this week is the VERY LAST WEEK to get your votes in for the ever so fun Instagram Contest with #RockYourVacation videos.  Sure, they only had like 10 seconds - but I can assure you that they really put a lot of time, effort and creativity into these videos!

The woman who I was really voting for is out of the contest.  ELMINATED ALREADY!  But, I of course do not want to be an old 'fuddy-duddy' I'm going to ride the bandwagon and continue to vote till the end!

This is IT!  FOUR more days till there is a winner getting the insane grand prize. 

I know you're crazy jealous.  So, let me share with you what they will win!

#RockYourVacation Experience Kissimmee Contest

*Round tirp airfare

*5 night-6 day accomodations in an INSANE 7 bedroom house, courtesy of All Star Vacation Homes.  (Yes.  This is where we held our twitter party.  I died and went to heaven.  Except they wouldn't let me put my bathing suit on and sit by the pool!  Pfft.  Silly, silly. Can't say I didn't try!

*Red carpet welcome party

*Up close and personal with alligators at Wild Florida

*VIP at House of Blues

*Royal Treatment at Medieval Times

*VIP at Seaworld Orlando

*Hot air balloon ride

*Air Boat ride at Wild Florida

Doesn't this sound fabulous?

So, this can now be knocked off my bucket list:

*Ziplinging over Alligators (Check)

*Ride a hot air balloon over Orlando (Check!)

*Do at least 5 crazy roller coaster rides (Check)

*Eat Gator Bites (OMGOSH CHECK!!)

*Did I mention that I freaking DROPPED 300 FT from the SKY?!?! (Yup. Did that.)

*Feed the Dolphins (next time - I'm getting IN to feed them! lol)




I was not compensated to promote this contest - however - I was invited to experience Kissimmee along with other women/men in the family travel space.  I loved it.  And all opinions are MY OWN.