Infanttech Always in View Review

This entire motherhood thing have been able to put unique products in my hands that I just love testing out!

I have always wondered why there never was a product like this. You know, one that can actually SEE who was the trouble maker in the backseat of the car! ha

Actually, this product is meant for safety.  

You know how you have that baby in your backseat and he/she starts crying because their binky fell out?  

Then you stretch, reach, and ALMOST have an accident because you can't really see it? Those days are gone!

“Always in View™” Baby Monitor for Cars is a wireless video monitoring system  that allows you to see your baby while driving! The high-def camera inside the cute and cuddly plush {like this adorable monkey} broadcasts images of the baby to a color monitor conveniently that you place on the dashboard of your car. The camera comes with infrared lighting which allows you to able to view your baby day or night. 

The “Always in View™” Baby Monitor for Cars helps reduce distracted driving, unnecesary head turning, and awkward arm reaching movements keeping you and baby safe!