Campbell's Wisest Kid Memories


My time working with Campbell Soup Company is coming to an end.

I have to tell you... I’m kind of sad. I mean, I’ve gotten to really know their brand over the past six months and really gotten to know how passionate they are about families. Not<>to mention The Wisest Kid. What is HE going to do with his life when he is no longer TheWisest Kid?

Or. Maybe he’ll FOREVER be The Wisest Kid. I mean, he does have to grow up ya know. Do you think he has the fountain of youth or does he really have to grow up?That would be kind of hard. But I guess in life and in everything it’s time to grow up. Move on. Change. Recreate. Evolve. And Mr. Wisest Kid? You are adorable. And since you’re The Wisest Kid in the WHOLE World, I’m sure you won’t have a problem getting a scholarship or something. Maybe you’ll join the military. Maybe you’ll save the world. Anything can happen, ya know.

Or. Maybe The Wisest Kid in the Whole World will live in my families hearts forever. Till my kids are grown and they talk about the ‘old flat screen tv commercial days’ as they watch their shows through glasses and reflections on walls. I’d imagine by that time their fingers are remote controls. Awesome, right?

Wow. I’m kind of all over the place thinking about this wise kid. And my goodbye for now with Campbell Soup Company, I’d like to share with you my Top 5 Favorite Tweets from The Wisest Kid campaign & my favorite Wisest Kid Commercial.

Top 5 Favorite Tweets: The Wisest Kid

1) A bowl of chicken noodle soup a day keeps the doctor away #condensed

2) What do you call a mom who saves the day with some tomato soup? A Soup-er Hero! #SoupJokes

3) Fill your cheeks with Mini Chicken Pot Pies and it will hurt less when your aunts pinch them.

4) A noodle is slurped & no one’s there to hear it, does it still taste good? Of course, your ears aren’t in your mouth!

5) “The turkey gets all the glory,” said no green bean casserole ever.

Hahaha. Isn’t he cute? Seriously? I hope they keep that kid around for a while. So does my 5 year old who just told me that he wants to play in the snow with that wise kid. Guess I’ll have to make some soup cause snow & soup surely goes together!

Here is my fave Wisest Kid Video. That mom is SO ME but with dark hair. Ha

This is a sponsored post by Campbell's Soup Company.  All opinions expressed are my own.