Valentine's Gift Guide

Why YES.  I am one of those moms.  

You know, the one that you make fun of because they go overboard with holidays for their kids?

Yeah. That's ME.  And love every minute of it! ha

So, this Valentine's Day I've got an additional Valentine.  My littlest dude - Hudson.  He's almost one.  (I know. INSANE.)  But he also needs love too, ya know!

Here are a few Valentine's Gift Ideas for YOU ~ Them & Him:

For you ~ NELLE & LIZZY

I have come across another amazing website that does hand made jewelry.  I love this sites because I could honestly spend hours on there creating gorgeous pieces to show and share the love of motherhood!  

This particular company is great because it was started with two fun women with an entrepreneurial spirit and some silver!

Nelle & Lizzy has so many great products.  They sent me a gorgeous stamped bracelet with my little dudes names - but I just bought this stamped ring so that I will have them wrapped around my finger!

I love their packaging too!  I'm a huge fan of presentation.  When I get something all fancied up with that extra touch?  LOVE IT!  

They actually send their products out in an adorable box with chamomile!  I think it's chamomile.  Whatever it is - it's gorgeous and smells fabulous!  I love their branding. So fun. 

Check them out on Pinterest too. Fun stuff!

For them ~ Doughnut Arrangements

Entenmann's Donut Arrangement is such a FUN way to gift someone in your family, a teacher, neighbor, sitter, etc!  Entenmann's sent me coupons to get doughnuts and some supplies to create these arrangements.  I have to tell you - it was so fun to do with Boston!  We are giving it to his teacher as she loves sweets.  

Here's what I did:

-- Buy Entenmann's donuts - all different sizes

-- Get sucker sticks, a vase, sprinkles, candies, melting chocolates (OMG-I found cotton candy melting chocolates and they were!!!)

Take the sucker sticks, dip them into the melted chocolate and then put the stick in the doughnut

If it's a Pop Em' then you can dip them in the melted chocolate and crate cake pops out of them. I personally dipped them then rolled them in sugar!  Rough decision, ya know. ha

Entenmann's has two adorable characters Mr. Rich Frosted & Mrs. Crumb that they have tied into their Valentine's Fun Sweepstakes on facebook. Be sure to enter to win their fun prizepacks they are giving away.

For Him ~ Red Envelope Garmin Golf Watch

Ok, first off...let me just tell you that I don't actually have this gift...yet.  I've been wanting to pull the trigger on this for him for the past year.  At least.  You see, my husband is a die hard mega golfer.  He loves it.  And the man has EVERYTHING.  So I hate buying him things as he never enjoys them!  Or at least he never uses them... I've been eyeing this Golf Watch from Red Envelope for 6 months now.  I might have to get it for Valentine's Day.  If not then - I have to do it for our anniversary in March.  He's a good dude.  Works hard.  He deserves it, right?  

So what are your great tips for gifting during Valentine's Day?



Note:  The Nelle & Lizzy product was sent for review.  Also the Entenmann's and along with countless other products possible to be included in this post.  We chose the ones that fit our family best.  Have a great day filled with love and awesomeness!