Hi! Remember me?  

You know...the lady who use to blog on here and share her deepest & darkest secrets?

Oh yeah. I guess you did forget about me since I've not been 'that lady' in quite some time. 

I've really been over commercialized and flat out boring in real life. 

Soooo many things going on.  So little time to share!!!!  

I have a post coming up very soon with the recap of my trip to Sundance Film Festival.  I had such a fabulous time at that event.  I actually have a post that I wrote in 'draft' mode from my bed at the fabulous lodge I was staying at... but the whole publish mode got trampled upon returning to the real world. 

Yes.  I am well aware of the fact that I got back from there 2 weeks ago. 

And yes. I'm well aware of the fact that I've been home for the past two weeks.

But friends - are YOU aware that I have been home with CHILDREN the past two weeks?  Yeah.  Good old Mother Nature.  Old Man Winter.  And sick kids.  Put that family together and we've got some turmoil people. 

My baby (who is about to turn ONE in a couple weeks - OMG HOLD ME) he's just coming off of being sick.  Poor little dude was kept home with me and not taken to the sitter when he was sick because I didn't want him to get worse.  He ended up on medicine and a breathing machine thingy.  Fortunately, he's much better now... I was seriously worried about him for a while.  It scared me. 

Boston?  Oh yeah.  He's been a great kid.  He never got sick which is amazing - but his school has been closed for weeks.  Well...maybe not weeks but it sure felt like it! hahaha.  He actually had a few snow days & half days - 2 hour delay days in there.  It was rough trying to juggle - but myself and little people are all well alive. 

My big human though?  He didn't have a great week at his work.  Such is life though.  I think the weather and all around insanity of life put a big fat footprint in our frozen snow.  

So... with that being said - we're off on a tangent. 

This coming week will be fabulous compared to the last.  Although - man alive - if we have any winter storms like the ones we've had?  

I.AM.MOVING.  To a place that has palmtrees in my yard.  And hell - throw in some plastic pink flamingos & we'll have a party. 

How was your week?  Are you OVER winter yet?