The OFFICIAL Real Mom Holiday Gift Guide


I mean, I've only been working on this thing for the past freaking YEAR! hahaha.  Actually, I have to give the kudos right of the gate.  Yes, I've been connecting, playing & picking the best of the best for the holiday season all year.... but my amazing editor, Stephanie Glover gets the credit for the beauty of it all!  She about killed me a few times - but we all survived and it's ready for YOU!!!!

Be sure to check back often as we post and share the products individually throughout the holiday season.  We'll even throw in some other products we got that missed the deadline to the guide as we're STILL getting new things daily!

For the 2nd year in a row we are partnering with Kisses for Kyle Foundation to bring you to the amazing kids and families within their organization.  This is honestly the best part of the holiday programming we do.  Sharon Snyder has been on Real Mom Radio with me and I just fell in love with her and her heart. What she and her team do for families who are affected by childhood cancer is commendable.  She's the real deal. 

I may look at my children and want to scream because of all their messes, not brushing their teeth, not picking up toys.... But at the end of the day?  I can't even imagine my life with children battling childhood cancer.  I hug them.  Love them.  Tell them they're the most important things in my life.  But it's really important for them to see and take part in the 'giving' side of what I do.  

My 20 years in traditional media - THIS is what it was all about.  GIVING.  And to be able to look at what I have been able to do and give through all of my hard work and ability to use this platform to keep it going? Awesome.  And I want to personally thank YOU for that.  Because of you coming to the site, following me on twitter, friending me on facebook, sharing - tweeting - reading - watching... I'm able to do this.  

Give back to those who need it more. 

Life is so short.  So vulnerable.  So full of ups and downs.  The older I get, the more I'm reminded about the blessings and opportunities I'm afforded. 

What are you doing to make a difference in your today?