Being confident wasn't something I was always able to do.  In fact, until I got the sweet taste of success, my sense of confidence was completely NULL.  Nada. Nope. 

Then when I lost a ton of weight in 2001, I had a whole beginning in confidence.  Losing that weight changed my life.  It really did.  I mean, at that point, I knew I wasn't going to find the right guy.  I knew that I would continue to wonder around the country to find that magic feeling of a full life.  That ultimate sweet taste of success no matter if it was private or professional success.

Little did I know, that until I truly felt a full heart, there was no way I was ever going to find that magic feeling.  Ever.  And I wondered.  A LOT.  And for a very long time.

But not anymore.  At least not right now.  Or in the past few years.  But that doesn't mean that failure-feeling won't return.  Everything happens for a reason, right?

The past few years in life after becoming a mom, I often thought I'd end up with this overwhelmingly euphoric feeling of success.  I’m the first to tell you…there’s no such thing.  None.  And that’s 100% totally ok.  

Recently, my 6 year old son has been battling confidence in a way that I can totally relate to.  He had tons of confidence until he had his teeth pulled.  Yes, he’s 6 years old.  And yes, he’s had teeth pulled.  Three teeth pulled & like 7 cavities.  And yes, I did say he was only 6 years old with 7 cavities.  I can’t even begin to tell you how devastating it was for me to watch him go through all that.  I know, some say it’s my fault as a parent.  But until you walk a mile in someone’s shoes…and know they situation - check the judgement at the door! lol

Needless to say… its not because he eats junk or doesn’t brush and floss.  It truly means that it’s HEREDITARY.  I have soft teeth & a bad mouth.  So does my dad and his family.  So by being able to realize & understand that my son’s dental issues are a natural state of getting older.  He just has to fight a little harder and brush more often.  When he finally said to me that he was ‘ok’ with the holes in his teeth because he ‘looked like a hockey player’ I knew this kid was going to make it.  haha.  He’s great at finding the cool factor in everything that comes his way in life.  Already, at 6 years old!

So what does my sons dental hygiene and having confidence have in common?


Ok, so maybe they’re  a far stretch - but the issues in motherhood I’m fighting right now has TOTALLY been in regards to TEETH.  This week, what great timing cause my 21 month old is getting his FIRST dental visit under wraps.  I’m going to share with my two boys about this awesome contest that Invisalign has going on.  The Countdown to Confidence with Invisalign Sweepstakes:

Having confidence in everything you do is so important.  And for my son to be confident with two big holes in his mouth - he’s well on his way to a great future.  I actually had braces for 7 years.  And I didn’t wear my retainers so of course I’m fighting with myself over the fact that I didn’t take it seriously as a kid!!  A couple years ago, I won a live raffle for Invisalign at a charity event and I just got my wisdom teeth taken out this summer so I can whole heartedly take part in the process of Invisalign and get my teeth taken care of.  My smile is one of my biggest assets.  And with jacked up teeth - it makes it harder to be confident!


Between now and November 13th, enter for your chance to win with Invisalign!  One winner everyday will win $100 for 60 days plus a chance to win the grand prize:  free Invisalign treatment & $1,000!  You can enter daily to increase your odds of winning.

What are you waiting for?  Schedule an appointment for a smile assessment!

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