I honestly have absolutely no clue where to start with sharing this trip with you. 

It was amazing.  Amazing doesn't even do the justice for it.  

It was a dream, I think because it really went way too fast for me.  So fast that I'm having a hard time really getting back into the swing of life since returning. 

My husband was suppose to go with me for months now.  I mean MONTHS.  Since I got invited I think.  I was soooooo sooooo excited that him and I was going to get the chance to run away together and spend some time with just us and no kids.  Well, about a month before the trip that whole idea fell out and hit the dirt.  He had to cancel on me because he had some big work issues happening that needed to be addressed.  Story of my life I suppose.   Either way, I wasn't going to let him stop me from having a good time! ha.  So, I invited my friend Sandy to come with me.  She's been a dear heart for years and it was great to be able to bring her along for the ride. 

And ohhhh what a ride it was.  

I'm going to do my best in sharing this with you.  And since I have a Travel Tuesday Feature every week that I'm trying to be a 'good girl' and do - I'm going to spread this out a bit.  I'm going to share with you my favorite part of the trip - Getting to know the FAMILY behind Beaches & Sandals, The Sandals Foundation & What It Means to Me, Top 5 Take Aways from Turks & Caicos, All-Inclusive Resorts:  The Good, The Bad & The Ugly.  ((Mind you - I have NOTHING bad to say about my experience.  And if I did, I either wouldn't write about it or I would really sugar coat it.  Because for one, this was a semi-complimentary trip for me.  I was asked to be a speaker of Social Media on the Sand and that was my compensation.  I was going no matter whether or not I was asked to share my knowledge because the woman and company behind it, Maria Bailey from Mom Select is one of my idols.  Idol?  Maybe not the word I'm thinking of - but a woman who I seriously admire in this space and as a woman entrepreneur & business owner - she SERIOUSLY kicks butt. (And I MEAN that.  Not because she hooked me up with a tropical trip. lol I admired her long before she even had a clue who I was.)

So, before I do my 'typical Joey' and go off on a writing tangent that really is just a brain dump - I'll leave you with this.  


Three Things That Makes Me Want to

Return to Turks & Caicos Beaches Resort

1) THE WATER.  No, not the 'drinking water' but the WATER.  The most beautiful sea I've ever seen in my whole life existence.  I guess that I need to see the Caribbean more, for one.  But I always thought when I saw pics of T&C it was always photoshopped!  Nope.  It's as real as it can be.  

2)  THE PALMS & POOLS.  The pools at this place was off the hook.  Four words for you. SWIM UP SMOOTHIE BARS.  Yeah.  I do not drink alcohol because I'm allergic to it - and nothing good ever comes out of me acting like a college kid again.  But the smoothies and kid friendly drinks (Yes.  I'm a kid, too! lol) are amazing.  I loved them all.  And sadly, I can't even tell you how many I had!!!  Every village in the resort had their own set of pools.  And TRUTH be told?  SANDALS RESORTS INVENTED THE SWIM UP POOL BAR!!  The founder's son who is now the CEO told us so!  =)  Put beautiful scenery, pools, water & palm trees all together?  I'm in.  WITH BOTH FEET TOO. 

3) THE PEOPLE.  Wow.  The people of Turks & Caicos are like robots.  Their hospitality is soooo amazing -it's like they are almost not real!  I guess I've been living in Philly to long to really look at it as their job - but man alive.  The NICEST people I've ever met.  They were clean, caring, attentive, and wouldn't take my tips even when I tried!!!  (Yes, it took some time for me to adjust to the really 'all inclusive' side of the experience.)

So.. there you have it.  That's one post for ya.  And if you need pics to go with - visit my Instagram feed since I bombarded my followers with paradise for 5 days!  =)

What is your favorite part about traveling to an all inclusive resort?