The best part of that massively big football game that airs on Sunday night for many football widows like myself? 


Oh heck. Who am I kidding?  I love the Super Bowl Big Plate Football Game for the food & the commercials.  Oh, and the halftime show too.  

I love to eat a bunch of 'gaming goods' with the best of them.  So, Bottom Dollar Food Store invited me to do some 'Game Day Grub' shopping.....and since they are one of my favorite grocery stores in the Philadelphia area?  

I was all over it!

So, on the field in my house is:  Sour Cream and Onion Dip... Guacamole dip with mega refried beans... Sub sandwiches out the wahoo & chips with dip.

And I got it all for $77.54.  

I did good.