80 Years with Campbells


One of my favorite memories as a kid was watching the gigantic tv that sat in the floor.  It was like a massive piece of furniture that housed a small, slightly curved television screen and had really only 3 channels. Even better...the only remote in the house was getting me and my sisters up to turn the channels.

I remember that we as a family would sit and watch television for a very short time right after dinner. My mom would allow us to watch one show each during the week. My favorite show was ALWAYS Little House on the Prairie. As I would sit too close to the tv screen I remember those classic commercials that use to grab my attention. One that I remember as a child was the boy who was always eating his Campbell’s Chicken Noodle soup with a picture perfect smile.

Campbell’s soup commercials are one of those brands that really stood the test of tv time. Their meaning has always stayed the same & their flavors gave the brand the soup advantage.  I know this is going to make you feel REALLY old. I can tell you - it did me when I first found out about it. Ready? Campbell’s Chicken Noodle soup turns 80 years old this year. Yes. EIGHTY.  Double my age. So my grandparents grew up on it. My parents did too. It really is a blessing to see a company that has last that long in history when you really think about it!

Since Campbell’s Chicken Noodle soup is celebrating 80 amazing years and I’d love to share with you some of the fun facts I’ve learned about Campbell over the years. Campbell’s Condensed Chicken Noodle soup was introduced in 1934 and was originally called “Chicken with Noodles”.  It’s rather funny how the name stuck to ‘chicken noodle’. That year a famous radio personality misread his copy & accidentally called it ‘Chicken Noodle’ soup. As a radio person I cringe at the thought of misreading an advertising spot - but for Campbell it was fabulous! They started getting big orders for their ‘new’ product and it was renamed ‘Chicken Noodle’. (Aside...I wonder if that radio person got a big endorsement deal after that? hahaha)

Anyway, Chicken Noodle is the top-selling soup for Campbell with more than 250 million cans sold a year. (That’s a 1.5 million miles of noodles, fyi.) Other tidbits - Frank Sinatra always asked for chicken and rice soup in his dressing rooms before going on stage. Andy Warhol found his inspiration to paint his ‘Campbell’s Soup Cans’ series because that’s what he ate for lunch every day for 20 years! Soup can be dated back to about 6000 B.C. and was first made out of hippo. (EW, right? ha) Last but not least...every can of Campbell’s Chicken Noodle soup contains 32 feet of noodles.

How fun is that? Campbell history to the max.

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