Acme Stock Up Sale


I have to come out and be totally honest with you. 

I stink at couponing.  Like TOTALLY stink at it.

I mean, have you seen those Extreme Couponing shows??? SUPER FABULOUS and BRILLIANT woman who are amazing at Math.  That my friends...I am not.  My brain doesn't function well enough to be able to seriously knock out some matchups and deals to where I barely spend a dime. 

So....with that being said - I have to shop 'the old fashioned way' when hitting the grocery store.

That means...THE SALE PAPERS.  

Yep.  Every week i look in my local Acme ads to see what is on sale and try to plan my shopping strategy according to that.  

One of the biggest things my household has to work with is total convenience.  Dinners have to be convenient.  There is no Martha Stewart up on our house!!  My husband doesn't cook.  I am a good cook...but I can't stand doing the cleanup.  So it becomes this struggle when I DO cook.  I beg for cleanup and there is always some lame excuse to get out of it.

So with that being said...I aim to cook 4 times a week.  Then the rest of the week with soccer practice, music class, school and work wrapped up in one - I go for the easy way out.  

And one of our favorite go to 'easy dinners'.. are you ready for this?

CEREAL!!! OMG DO WE JUST LOVE LOVE LOVE CEREAL NIGHTS!  We hop in our jammies and rock the breakfast food.  MMMM.  So this week in the Acme ad they have an AMAZING sale with General Mills.  C-E-R-E-A-L!!  $1.00 a box for a zillion different varieties.  The GoGurts are on sale too.  We eat that like ice cream in our house - so you can bet that I'll be stocking up on that!

Can't forget to throw some easy vegetables in there.  Green Giant and their 'steam in bag' veggies are on sale for $1.88 each as well.

Think about the stock up you can rock just with those things?

What is your favorite 'easy dinner' go to?