So here is the deal.  This week I'm going to spend just $25 at one trip to Acme.  The Acme that I go to NEVER has me spend JUST $25. lol But we're gonna try!

I need to get a couple things for Boston for lunches.  

He's kind of spoiled.  Yes.  In a bad way.  Sort of... haha

He is a chicken nuggets - mac n cheese kid. 

So... he told me he would like to try taking 'turkey sandwiches with pretty green lettuce' to school.

Game on.

I love Wonder Bread because it's easy to cut the crust off. 

So we got wonder bread and some turkey breast (1/2 lb - on sale this week).  

I was able to get the bread, turkey, bagged lettuce (in hopes he'll eat it - if not I'll add my grilled chicken to it for lunch this week) and some apples. 

PLUS, I had just enough to grab some Apple Cider.  I'm in that fall kind of mood for sure!

There.  Two days down and he's eaten all his lunch!  (And he told me - he ate the 'pretty green stuff'.)

If I'd had known it was going to be THAT easy - I'd done this a long time ago! lol



*This is a sponsored post by Acme Supermarkets.  Of course, all opinions are our own!