The Wisest Kid in The Whole World 

My stomach is grumbling. 

Talking & thinking about food makes my mouth water. 

And can I tell you that one of my favorite go to meals is Italian Wedding Soup? It's like the FIRST thing I grab when the weather starts getting cooler.  And the football season takes off... you know. BACK TO SCHOOL!

Speaking of back to school - I'm very excited to share that I'm working with Campbell Soup Company and The Wisest Kid in the Whole World.

Yes.  There is a wisest KID in the world.  

Confucious says?

Well, actually - his name isn't Confucious..but I do enjoy that saying often. haha.

But - his name is of no matter oh-wise-ones... Cause he's THE WISEST KID IN THE WHOLE WORLD!

Let me tell you a little bit about 'oh wise one'.  He has the answer that we all need.  

How do you make kids' happy? 

Great question!  Ask the wisest kid! haha

All joking who is this 'wisest kid'?  Well this is what legends say.....

  • He is a boy. He is a guru and like any good guru, he lives on top of a mountain. Somewhere. With a twinkle in his eye, he knows all things, but isn’t a know it all. His words can be funny. Or cryptic. Or insightful. And sometimes, you won’t know if he’s joking. Because he is, after all, a boy. But his advice will always surprise and delight you. 

So give your brain a break and check this cutie out.  

If you're in the NYC area - tomorrow, September 17, streaming live on a digital billboard in Time Square from 12-2p.  I am going!!  I can't wait to see this oh wise one.  Maybe I can get a pic with him....He's a stud. 

So, you want to learn his wisdom? 


Just ask the 'wise one'.  Don't be shy.

Boston, my newly kindergarten kid is pretty wise this week.  Be sure to follow me on Twitter and Facebook to find out how wise he is. hahaha.  And to share YOUR wise kid stories. 

What are some of the wise things your kids' say?


This post is sponsored by Campbell's Soup Company and the Wisest Kid in the Whole World Campaign.  But don't you fret-oh-wise-one.  All opinions are my own.  Me lovey Soup.  And Wise Kids. Wise Kids with Soup is even better.