My name is JOEY. 

I use to frequent this site and drop down some words...ahem... OFTEN.  

But this 'mom thing'?  Yeah.  Took ahold of my freetime 100%.  It's kind of a bummer really.  I mean, I have this gorgeous now FIVE MONTH OLD human that I have hardly shared with you!!  If we're friends on Facebook (ahem @JoeyFortman) then you likely have heard my whimpering on there.  

But sadly, I've let this 'blog thing' slip to the side.  A LOT this summer.

I've been busy.  REALLY busy.  

I spent two weeks in Illinois visiting my family.  That was an interesting, yet educational and rewarding experience.  I also cleaned out my house and had a MEGA yardsale to get rid of STUFF.  That turned out well.  Still a garage filled with 'stuff' that needs to find a home. 

I then spent 10 days at the shore at the most beautiful place ever!  Cape May, NJ is my 'love nest'.  I just LOVE it there.  I was there working with Cape Resorts Group (the best company EVER!!).  I have soo much to share with you about them.  So many great things they do year round.  So come back here for that one.

And then this past week I was in Chicago because I produced and co-hosted 2 parties with The Big Toy Book with over 1,000 people coming in the doors!!

Yeah.  My eyes are crossed too.

Now?  I have about 4 minutes before I have to pick up my #2 at the sitters.  

How about you?  What has your summer been like?

PS, i put a pic of my little family up top.  Just in case you forgot about us.  =)