Ergobaby Swaddler Review
We all know that the Ergo is one of the best baby carriers around. They have now taken it a step further and launched a brand new product, the Ergobaby swaddler
So what's so great about the Ergobaby Swaddler?
  1. Easy to use! It easily adjusts for the perfect fit. 
  2. Arm pockets! Secure your baby's arms to replicate the fetal arm positiong of "hands to heart."
  3. Leg pouch! This is awesome because  makes those in the middle of the night diaper changes easier! 
  4. Healthy hip position! It's important to keep baby's hips and legs in the correct, ergonomic "frog-leg" position. 
  5. Soft and breathable! The Ergobaby Swaddler is made of 100% cotton knit terry. This helps your baby regulate their body temperature. 
The Ergobaby Swaddler is available in 2 sizes: S/M {6-12 lbs} and M/L {12-18 lbs}. Available now!