Virtual Piggy


Ask me if I learned ANYTHING as a kid about saving money and I'll tell you the truth. 


Yeah. No clue.

I love my parents...but they just didn't take the time to instill the IGNORANCE of NOT SAVING MONEY!!

Truth.  Mega mega truth.  To the point that I should have learned myself in college but instead, my lack of intelligence in the money saving section of my brain really kicked in.

Thus.  I have LOTS of debt.  

So, one of the things that I am NOT going to allow is my child to grow up without knowing how to save and the importance of balancing a check book.  Or...well...who are we kidding.  Our kids aren't going to have CHECKBOOKS.  They're probably going to be able to pay for EVERYTHING with their fingerprints! lol

With all that being said - and joking aside.... Money will never change.  And the need for knowledge on how to SAVE it will continue on for eternity.

I was recently approached by a company to do a review of their new program teaching kids how to manage money.  They sent me the COOLEST idea in promo products by the way. hahaha (The big K'Nex piggy?  Yeah.  I put that cutie together. lol)

So, after Boston and I put the K'Next pig together - we sat down and started an account just for him.  

Yeah, I know... he's ONLY 5 years old.  But isn't it better to educate the sooner the better, right?  Besides, the kid LOVES to ask me math questions.  So, he's going to do great at this 'money managing'.  Or so I at least hope so. lol

Virtual Piggy is endorsed by Sela Ward.  She really does a great job in the video talking about what Virtual Piggy is really about.  

There are a great number of stores that you can purchase products through Virtual Piggy.  

Cheers to money saving moments with your little ones!

This is a sponsored post - but no money can pay for my real opinions. Besides.  THIS is the ultimate sponsorship to SAVE that money!  =)