We had a day of pampering with P&G this morning to learn about their great products families need to get into back to school mode. With my little one heading off to Kindergarten in a few short weeks, I really needed this to get me ready!

Did you know that 93% of moms say that they face some sort of challenge during back-to-school season? Half say that shopping for and/or the cost of new school supplies is the most challenging part!

Audrey McClelland of Momgenerations.com shared with us some great P&G products that well help eliminate that challenge.

But what us? What about the moms? We need to be taken care of too

P&G created the Mom's Back to School Checklist to help prepare the family and household and also give us moms a reminder to create some "me" time for ourselves. To help you prep for the school year P&G has the following tips:


  1. Prepare your home. Do a deep clean and get your home organized before all those papers start coming in!
  2. Tackle Nutrition and Meal Planning. By planning your meals out in advance, you elminate one thing off of your to-do list!
  3. Make the Most Out of Your Lists. Keep your lists handy. I keep mine saved on my smartphone since it is always with me!
  4. Get a Jump on Family Health & Wellness. Get those routine doctor's appointments done during the summer. You may need them for the kids for school!
  5. Create a New Student Care Package. I love this idea, especially for a Kindergartener. Create little notes and care packages, such as stickers, a special keychain, or extra snack, and stash them in their coat pockets or book bag.


As you head into the back-to-school season, take the time to prepare you and your family to help keep calm amongst the chaos!