*This is a sponsored post by Graco. We were provided the joggers for review.


FastAction Fold Click

Connect Jogger Review



Why YES.  That is a mouthful! lol  


Graco's latest jogger lives up to it's big name.  It's FABULOUS!!  


I recently was invited to a fun filled afternoon at Smith Playground to do some stroller exercises with some other fabulous Philly moms.  It was a great time for sure!  We were there to test out and enjoy the new Graco FastAction™ Fold Click Connect™ Jogger.  


One of the big things I look for in a stroller is how easy it is to open and put together.  I'm a clutz in the first place and don't need to be reminded when I look like a baffoon trying to open a stroller! haha  This jogger is a breeze to open. (THANK GOODNESS.)  My other top feature is that you can click your cellphone or mp3 player to the top near the handles which is FAB to make it hands free and not able to fall out. 


Some other really great features of the jogger:


--great suspension
--locking front swivel wheel
--a fab padded reclining seat
--child's tray with 2 cup holders and snack spot
--large storage underneath
One of the big things that drives me bonkers about jogging strollers is when the front wheel doesn't swivel.  This is a great stroller for that.  It SWIVELS!!  


Graco’s NEW jogger is the ultimate crossover stroller, combining all the comfort and convenience features of a traditional stroller (FastAction Fold and Click Connect Technology) with performance and maneuverability of an all-terrain jogger.

As an added bonus, Graco’s innovative one-second, one-hand FastAction™ fold automatically locks & is self-standing.

This post is sponsored by the Graco.