Joya App Review


As you likely know (if you've been here before) I LOVE to shoot video.  It's kind of 'what I do'.  Video is my way to communicate to family who live far away!  If it's not via facetime - it's via video.  

And there is a reason for that.

I SUCK at writing. 

Really.  Can't tell?  Hmpf.  Coulda fooled me! lol

But seriously.  I have such a harder time expressing myself in writing than via video.  I just open my iphone and shoot - edit - send.  It's great because my family loves getting the fun videos I do.  And in reality, not EVERY video I do I want to end up on facebook or some social outlet. 

I was invited to review this app on iTunes called Joya.

I love it!!!

Joya gives me the ability to send and receive videos privately.  Joya is different than just regularly emailing a video from your phone in that it doesn't matter the size your file is!  I LOVE that!  And my family members who don't have an iPhone?  That's totally ok.  I can email them the links and they don't need an iPhone to watch the videos.  

Modern technology is amazing, isn't it?

Check them out on iTunes and download Joya for FREE!

For more on Joya, please visit the iTunes store or Web site at You can also follow Joya on Twitter @getjoya or like them on Facebook. #joya



This is a sponsored post-but I don't share something I don't believe in or use myself.  We LOVE Joya!