Friday Car Confessional


So today I had some free time.  

I know. ME? FREE?

I was trying to clear out some files on my computer because it has been slowing down like crazy.  So I hit up iTunes and figured I could get rid of some old music that I just don't listen to.

That didn't work so well.

Cause I found an old playlist that I use to RUN to.  Yeah.  I use to run.  True story!  Back in my early to mid 20s I lost about 70 pounds.  I then became an avid runner.  I LOVED it.  I ran everywhere.  I would run 7 miles a day and not think twice about it.  Now?!?!  I'm lucky if I make it 7 feet without wanting to pass out.

So as I hit play, my endorphines ramped up.  I felt chills all over by body.  Closed my eyes...and began to imagine myself then.  The way I felt about myself.  My career. My life.  

I tossed on the shoes.  Grabbed the dog, iphone, playlist, headphones, keys and hit the trail.

Wissahickon Trail.  Fairmount Park.  Philly.

Gorgeous place for sure.  I reminded me of the running trails I use to hit when I lived in Bristol, Va years ago.  Gorgeous, flowing hills that I would run without stopping for EVER.

Ahhh.  To have that body again.  

Oh hell, who was I kidding.

I got out of the car - and HIT PLAY.

The entire time it felt like I was on some sort of a roller coaster in my head.  The images of my life those running years ran through my head as fast as my steps could take me.  My physical being was 36 but my mental and emotional being was a smokin' hot 26!!

I felt great.  And at least for TODAY I can know that I did something good for my mind...and my body.  (And my dog for that matter! lol)

So I challenge you to create a playlist of tunes that remind you of when you were the STRONGEST in your life.  When you had it all together.  A time you look back on that was awesome. 

Then get out and relive the days again.  


This was on my playlist: 

*NOTE: Don't make fun of my tunes.  Lindsay Lohan had some mega hits, ya know? lol

- Train - All American Girl

- Lindsay Lohan - Anything But Me

- 50 Cent Ayo Technology (with cutie Justin Timberlake mmm)

- Moby - Bodyrock

- Gorillaz - Dare

- Britney Spears - ENTIRE Blackout Album from 2007

- Bodyrockers - LOVE this group.  For One Night Only & Round&Round

- Scissor Sisters - ENTIRE 2004 Album. Take Your Mama - Comfortable Numb? Sweetness.

- Justin Timberlake - OMG. He was so HOT. Rock Your Body, Senorita, What Goes Around

Ahhhhhh. So many more.

What's some of the life highlights on your list?