SodaStream Review


Oh how I LOVE my carbonated goodies. 

My husband too.

Yes. I know. 'Soda is so bad for you.'

But it really doesn't all have to be!!



5 Reasons Why I Love Soda Stream:

*NO ASPARTAME - I don't have to tell you that stuff will kill ya, do I?  Yeah. BAD.

*Easy on the environment - LOVE that we don't have plastic bottles everywhere.

*Taste - It tastes BETTER than store bought regular soda without all the nasty additives

*Convenience - No easier way to make soda than in your own home!

*Affordable - Yes.  To BUY the product it's not cheap.  It's an investment.  Think about the 'big picture'.  You will SAVE money by buying the SodaStream & the sodas.