Earth Day 2013

Sponsored by Washdrops


I'm always one to buy American made products.  But recently since becoming a parent I've added 'good to the environment' to my list of must dos.

I wasn't ever someone who just tossed garbage out the window or anything insane like that.  But I was pretty lowsy at recycling when I should have. 

Not anymore.  We have a special recycling bin in our house and I can't tell you how rewarding it feels when my 5 year old says 'this is recycling, right mommy?'


Today is a day when you REALLY think about the EARTH.  Cause it's EARTH DAY!  lol

Another product out there I'd love to share with you - not only is it 'Made in USA' (that my dear friend Sarah from USA Love List shared with me) but it's great for the environment!

It's called Washdrops.  

What I love about washdrops is how it makes washing your car THAT MUCH EASIER!

 Here is the details straight from their website:

Washdrops is a NEW unique Wash and Shine Solution. Use only one bucket, no hose, no rinse! You can wash any average-sized vehicle anywhere with only one gallon of water and one fluid ounce of Washdrops powerful yet gentle proprietary scientific formula. Plus, Washdrops leaves a beautiful shine!

Washdrops helps comply with the US  Environment Protection Agency (EPA) Clean Water Act. It is biodegradable, solvent-free, butyl free, phosphate free, ammonia free. Washdrops is completely non-hazardous – you can even dispose of Washdrops on a lawn or flowerbed.

HELLO?  Does it get any better than that for Earth Day?

How about winning a fab prize with Washdrops!  Visit them on Facebook for more info.   


Saving water is a biggie for us right now after seeing our last water bill!  I have to admit-there were some major toilet leaks going on that has sent our water bill over the edge!!  

I've done some research and would love to share with you some Tips to SAVE on your water bill!


*Use your dishwasher!  Yes.  I always thought the dishwasher uses a TON of water-but that is not true.  It saves!  But be sure to only run it when it's totally full.

*Use your garbage disposal sparingly!  If you compost all your vegetable/food waste you can save $$ every month!

*Water your flowers or lawn in the morning or evening.  Yep.  That way it is cooler and less water evaporation!

*Upgrade die toilette!  New toilets = newer models = better mileage on the H2o!

*Collect run-off roof water.  By using this 'run off' water collected from storms and rain - you can seriously save on your OWN water bill!

*Shorten your showers.  I know. Sounds simple huh?  Well, if you shorten by a minute or two - you can save up to 150 gallons a MONTH!


Real Mom Media, LLC is working with @ElementAssociates on this Earth Day Project. All opinions are our own.