Congress Hall

Cape May

Spring Retreat


This past weekend I finally got out of the house a bit to enjoy springtime and actually get into the Easter spirit. 

Since having this baby I've been so couped up in the house it was great to hit the road and head to my favorite little shore time for some fun.

My mom is still in town so we loaded up the car and headed to Congress Hall (  We stayed in the Annie Knight Suite.  First let me tell you a little about this glorious hotel.  I've been going to Congress Hall for the past 3 summers and love it.  They are a very family friendly place and this past week was no exception!  

With Spring Break and Easter on the horizon, Congress Hall held a number of activities.  From a Mad Hatter's Tea Party, Pirates & Princesses Party, 'Kids Can Cook, Too!' event, train rides & hugs with Blue - the hotel mascot...we did NOT.STOP.MOVING! lol

Boston loved every second of it.  His favorite was riding the train and learning to cook where he got a chefs hat and apron.  (And I must say looked totally adorable in it!)

The Kids Can Cook, Too event will happen at Congress Hall every year during Spring Break time.  It's a really fun event that you won't find on other properties!  

One of the biggest things that I love about the Cape Resorts Group properties is the food.  Dining at any of their properties is an awesome experience.  The food is fresh and fun!  They have a farm called Beach Plum Farm where they grow produce and new this year is the pigs!  I also learned that they are started to grow their own herbs for creating their own teas this summer!  

It was fun to explore the farm and see how much it has grown since I saw it 2 summers ago.  Hymie, the hard working man behind the farm gave me a tour and we got to see the adorable new piglets.  What's great about their food is that there is NOTHING put on them!!  The pigs are growing without being pumped with hormones and the vegetation is clear of pesticides.  We even ate lettuce right out of the ground. That was a good feeling!

Sea Spa Terre & Mer Facial by Thalgo

 I can't even begin to tell you how luxurious this was!!  Total LUX!  They do something that I've never had done in a facial....

They gave me a back massage before the facial.....


I highly suggest this awesome facial. The products are top of the line and the service is just truly outstanding!

I'd show you a pic-but I looked like a total dweeb with the mask on. lol.  

Anyway, Mother's Day is coming up!  Get mom one of these facials at Sea Spa in Congress Hall!!!

All in all it was a wonderful getaway with my little family.  Congress Hall is amazing for one if the kind - top notch experiences that you won't find at 'traditional vacation properties'.