What's that you say?

Oh yes.  You are correct.  Joey is once again on a diet.

Hudson is now officially 2 months old.  He's a doll baby.  

But I'm not.

I had my 6 week checkup last week and my OB gave me the 'go ahead' to get MOVING!!!

I've actually been walking a lot for the past couple weeks in hopes to see the scale go LOWER.  

The good news?  In the first 3 weeks post Hudson delivery I lost 30 pounds. 

The bad news?  I haven't lost a pound in 3 weeks.

So.  That leaves me to taking control of the TRUTH and being completely honest with myself.

I love to eat. 


Food is my first addiction.  And it's sweet - fat loaded food that gets me.

With this program, I'm hoping to clean my body out of toxins and crap and focus on lean meats and lots more veggies.

Follow along with my journey, will you!

I am 1 of 90 women working to lose the lard as a #ShakleeBlogger.  Oh so eloquently put.