One of the things that I kept hearing abour while at Toy Fair was internet safety for kids. There is so much content out there for children but getting to it safely may be a problem.

There is a great new app that takes the guess work out of it for you, Playrific. Playrific endables chidlren to safely explore and learn independently from a host of enriching videos, games, and books selected from across the web.

Playrific curates games, videos and books from across the web that match your child's interests. Your account is regularly refreshed based on your child's browsing history (likes and dislikes) as well as the viewing habits and trends of children with similar tastes. What would take you hours to screen for your child is literally done in seconds!

We've been playing around with Playrific since coming home from Toy Fair and I am really impressed. Not only does it take content from the internet but it also curates apps that are already on your device.

Main page screenshot of 

I can safely hand over the iPad knowing that my son will be watching   shows and playing age-appropriate games.