The Jungle Book:

Rumble in the Jungle

Limited Edition

One of our family favorites is out in LIMITED EDITION!  We're super excited about this movie and had the funnest little party to celebrate the release. 

The good news is that we got some great products to go along with our review.  The bad news?

I went into labor and didn't get to share the pics!!


The pics I took of the family movie night got deleted (accidentally) right after I had the baby to make room on my phone for more images of the baby!!

Sigh.  Once I realized it this week that I did that I was bummed cause we had a ball and took some great pics!!'ll just have to use your imagination - just like we did with the super fun collectible toys that came along with the DVD.  =)

The Limited Edition is available exclusively at Walmart (approx $15) beginning February 12.  The movie also includes some fun activities your kids' can download plus an exclusive Mowgli and Mani toy!  (My fave part of the release by far!)

This movie is a first in a new series.  It has many of the great characters from the original Jungle Book movies that your family will surely recognize.  

Although our memory of the movie night got short-the toys live on!  Boston brought the collectables with him when he came to the hospital so they came in handy.  

Pick up the movie!  It's a great gift idea too...