Gosh...it's been a WHOLE WEEK.  

I've thought about so much what I want to say. How I want to welcome my dear Hudson into this world.  But as the days get shorter and the nights longer...I've not been able to sit down and pen the words of what a beautiful child this is.

I sit here now..after feeding him then putting him right back to back and I wonder.  How on God's Green Earth did I manage to be ever be so lucky.  H'e s saint.  A prefect doll.  He's really owns a room though if we walk into it. Hate to break it to uou.  =)

Oh Dear Hudson, there is so much to say.

You were born on February 20th, 2013 at 3:40ish A.M (bad that I can't remember! lol)

Turns out you weren't suppose to come till Feb 26th via c-section but my water broke that evening.  I had a VERY slight heart attack.  But fortunately that little dude put me at an earlier state...with a warmer break.