Omega Infusion Review

In the midst of creating a human being...I've been very aware of products that have Omega 3 and other wonderful vitamins and minerals.  

So when I was asked if I wanted to do a review of Omega Infusion I was allll over it!

Omega Infusion has more than just Omega benefits.  There are ZERO calories AND a BIG love = Made in USA!!  I was thrilled when I heard that.  Especially knowing my love of Made in USA

As a pregnant person - I had to make sure these drinks were safe for me to indulge in.  I was assured that not only are they safe, but they're great for the baby!

And as a person with an addiction to diet drinks this was a nice change to know that what I'm putting in my body is way better than what I WAS putting in there.  

Omega Infusion is available in four flavors.  My personal favorite is the Berry Flavor.  LOVED it.  Each flavor contains 80mg of Omega-3s (EPA/DHA) with natural energy from B vitamins and antioxidant vitaminC.  Made in the USA and can be found at Giant Stores, Stop and Shop and HEB stores.  

Want to learn more about their greatness? Be sure to check them out on their Facebook & Twitter Pages!

**NOTE - Don't tell my husband that these are available for ANYONE...ahem..I didn't want him drinking mine so I told him they were only for pregnant women. Great trick if you don't want to share! haha