You've probably come across my plethora of LOVES for Tiny Prints!  

My family and friends from all over the country have always been able to capture the spirit of my kids on facebook - but in reality...there is nothing better than getting a little special something for a holiday with cute kids on it, right?

This year, just like many years past we used Tiny Prints for our Holiday Cards.  We kind of created a monster with our cards. Everyone in our family talks about them.  And each year they always respond and comment about the style and fun!

There are so many different selections with Tiny Prints that fit all budgets.  You'll have a hard time deciding like I do!!  This year I stepped out of the norm and actually ordered the 'square' cards that fold.  They are great but remember that square cards require different postage.  (YES.  I learned that the hard way when my husband sent out all of them with regular postage.  Thankfully they still got delivered by the ever so kind post office...but they don't always do that.  Just keep that in mind when making your cards!)

Another thing that we did this year with Tiny Prints is ordered my moms Christmas present!  We got her an iPad in the past and she has never gotten an iPad cover.  So we ordered one and it's ADORABLE!

And by the way - be sure to order them in time for the ADORABLE Valentine's Day cards!  OMGosh-these are the cutest things ever.  (We used them the past two years and can't wait to add Hudson to them this year. Cute Cute Cute!!)

Oh...and be sure to check out there adorable "New Baby Announcements"!!  We got them with Hudson and the outcome was awesome as usual! 


DISCLOSURE:  We received an amazing array of cards over the years for this review.  But we have DEFINITELY spent our fair share with Tiny Prints including the fab iPad cover.  Plus calendars and more!