Neighborhood Toy Store Day on Fox 29


What goes together well with me and toys?  Me - Toys - FOX 29 Philly & My Boys! ha.  

So, I made that up - but it really is true ya know.  And this morning I was able to put all the great things I enjoy all together!

I'm loving every minute working with ASTRA and promoting their National Neighborhood Toy Store Day.  It is TOMORROW by the way. 

This morning I was on with Karen Hepp & Sheinelle Jones on Good Day Live on Fox 29.   

This morning was an exceptionally funny one for me.  More so because I got to play with toys on TV ~ (who wouldn't love that??) But because I got to have BOTH my boys on with me at the same time!!  This was a treat for me.  

Many many MANY times I have women approach me and say 'how do you do it all?' Or 'what an awesome life you have' or even 'you have the best kids in the world!'

Well... here's a little inside story for ya.  One that ANY MOTHER can relate to.  And the truth.  Yes... I do get to have some really amazing opportunities and experiences doing what I do.  But at the end of the day?

I still pick up toys, clean dishes, run 3 loads of laundry, wipe the toilet down after 5 year old loses in target practice, pick up toys, take out the dog, laundry...CHANGE DIAPERS... yada yada.  

And today was another humbling typical mom moment.

So, my mother in law came in yesterday for a few days to visit with us and to celebrate my husbands birthday.  I got a last minute opportunity to do the segment on Fox 29 and I figured-hey-great-free babysitter!

Poor woman.  She really had no clue what 'can you help me bring the boys to the tv station in the city and keep them well behaved?'  You see... when a producer says they want me to bring kids in to play with the toys - I always just plan to bring my own kids for the segment.  Definitely not because I want to 'show them off' or give them special treatment.  But because...I know how they are going to act.  I have Boston trained to a T.  He's done a ton of tv with me.  From Today Show, GMA and more.. the kid has caught on quick.  He knows 'don't talk to mommy when she's talking - don't speak unless being spoken too - don't move from where I place you - don't stop playing with whatever toy you are playing with.'  

Perfect kid, right?  Well... mom of the year for me.  About 10 seconds before the segment started I got 'Mom, Mom, Mom, Excuse me Mom.'  I looked at him with the glare that only a mother gives when their kids are trying to interrupt them.  

I said 'yes Boston?' and he says 'Mom, I really have to go to the bathroom!'

Um.  Really dude?

'Boston-you have to hold it!  Just get on your spot and this will all be over quick!'

THREE-TWO-ONE-Finger pointing to hosts.

The segment went and I noticed as I was talking he was walking funny around the Playmobil that he was playing with.  I kept going along - then looked over at him again as Shenielle was saying what a well behaved kid he was.

I saw that look.  You know that look like, I HAVE TO GO TO THE BATHROOM look!

And yes.  So many of my friends who saw the segment said they had no clue.  But my darling Boston.  I love you dearly, doll.  You are 1/2 of my heart.  But I can NOT wait to show this video to your future wife one day.  =) haha. 

And so it goes.  Along with the fun moments of what I do - comes the REAL MOM moments that keeps me grounded. 

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