Neighborhood Toy Store Day

Neighborhood Toy Store Day


Can you believe holidays are right around the corner?  

Is it me or did the hussle and bussle come a lot earlier this year???  I feel like I've been thinking about Christmas and gift buying since July when I did a huge toy event in Chicago!!

Actually... I have been.   ha.  I am always looking to see what is coming out next, what kids are looking for, what is big in the tablet world, traditional toys - you name it.

One great resource I've used is put out by ASTRA.  It's their Best Toys for Kids List.  And it's FABULOUS!

I love ASTRA.  And what they stand for ~ figuratively and literally!  (Which by the way, ASTRA means - The American Specialty Retail Store Association.)  ASTRA is all about promoting the 'little guys'.  Yes.  We all know of the big box stores that are out there.  Yes.  We see gazillions of dollars pumped into advertising showing up at our doors or flashed on the tv screen.  But what we don't see is the amazing, award winning small toy stores that are right in our back yards. 

Ya remember when your grandpa took you out to pick up a toy at the hardware store as a kid?  Or that memory of growing up visiting the small five and dime shop?  Well many of those shops are members of ASTRA.  And quite candidly - they deserve your money way more than the big dudes do.

I'm thrilled to be partnering with ASTRA in promoting their Neighborhood Toy Store Day!  It's an annual event where everyone goes out and supports the 'little dudes'.  Many of these awesome shops like Lucky Duck Toys and O'Doodles in Philadelphia plan fun, interactive family events just for you on that day!  

Tell me those big guys do something like that?  Eh?  Nope.  Nada.

So here is what I suggest to YOU and I so totally hope you'll take me up on it.  

First, go put in your zip code and find your local toy store.  

Then, GO visit their website and see what fun they have planned for this Saturday.

Then - GET OUT AND PLAY!!  There are some amazing little gems to visit and memories to be made this holiday season.  




Two Toys to Look For

Playmobil Cargo

Playmobil Cargo Passenger & Aircraft

Playmobil is a household staple.  When people ask me what is a great brand to buy a toy from that is long lasting and filled with hours of play - I'm all over anything that Playmobil puts out there.  The Cargo Passenger and Aircraft from Playmobil will be in your family for years to come.  This product was voted ASTRA's Best Toys For Kids in the 'Pretend - Role Play' category.  This jumbo jet and air control tower has so many amazing features. You can put the people AND cargo inside the plane!  Love it. 


Squigz by Fat Brain Toys

Another great toy under the Constructive Play category is the Squigz.  This fun product by Fat Brain Toy Company makes me laugh everytime I look at it.  I have no idea why though! ha Maybe it's the thought of how fun suction cups are.  Who knows. 

These little suckers provide hours of entertainment.  The Squigz really suck.  No really.  They SUCK!  hahaha.  There are eight unique shapes.  What I love about this toy is it really is a specialty toy that you can't get anywhere outside these amazing small toy shops.  Go suck it up with Squigz!

Ok. Enough of my babble about the great toys.  You have to see for yourself this week with the National Neighborhood Toys Store Day!  I'll be swinging by my local toy stores....will you?